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Entry #6

Working on a new song. BUT!

2009-01-05 03:05:51 by KumoKan

When it's all said and done, I won't stop there. If there is anyone that wants me to make a remix or new rendition of a song they like (perhaps from an anime, or movie, or video game) then post it here! I'll listen to all the suggestions and I'll recreate the one I find most appealing.

This should be fun.


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2009-08-01 23:55:53

OOOOOOoooooo Finally i get a chance to put up an idea for an inspiring, rising artist!
Haha but seriously you got the potential of a major recorder/ other big time music dude.
Anyway, i would like to hear YOUR rmx of His World by Zebrahead or Endless Possibilities-Dark Gaia Perfect. The former is from the 2006 Next Gen game and the latter is the final boss music on Sonic Unleashed. Plz consider these fior they are my most listened to songs, and the fact that i use them as a inspiring run while doing activities. Since you are a rising star (and the fact that i have 3 of your awesome songs on my mp30 i would love to hear your renditions of these songs, or one whichever possible for you. Keep up the top notch work, and i hope to see MUCH more in the future.


2010-06-21 09:01:43

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